Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile | Yaneer Bar-Yam | Idea how to begin a real human civilization |

It is generally recognized that life is becoming more complex. This article analyzes the 
human social environment using the "complexity profile," a mathematical tool for 
characterizing the collective behavior of a system. The analysis is used to justify the 
qualitative observation that complexity of existence has increased and is increasing. The 
increase in complexity is directly related to sweeping changes in the structure and 
dynamics of human civilization—the increasing interdependence of the global economic 
and social system, and the instabilities of dictatorships, communism and corporate 
hierarchies. Our complex social environment is consistent with identifying global human 
civilization as an organism capable of complex behavior that protects its components 
(us) and which should be capable of responding effectively to complex environmental 

Via NESS, Complex Systems Digital Campus