The Top Apps for Learners who Struggle with Text! | Ict4champions |

Paul Hamilton lists the top apps for students who struggle with text. Just 13 more ways to level the playing field!


> Paperport:  Note-taking app with audio and voice recognition

> Text Grabber:  Turn hard copy to readable PDF

> Cloudon:  Do equations and other math on the iPad

> Type on PDF:  Complete tests on the iPad; import PDF's form Dropbox

> Abilipad:  Word prediction with TTS

> Nebulous Notes:  Text editor; integrates with DropBox

> AudioNote:  Combine typed and handwritten notes with built in mic to record voice.

> Dragon Dictation:  Easy to use voice recognition; use "Speak Selection" to read dictated work.

> vBookz PDF Voice Reader:  TTS for reading PDF files

> GoodReader:  Offers TTS for text files; works with DropBox

> Idea Sketch: Create mind map and turn it into an outline.

> Book Creator: Create and share multimedia projects on the iPad

> Side by Side:  Split iPad screen into up to customizable "windows"



Via Kathleen McClaskey