Five African tech trends to look out for in 2018
Trends include delivery drones, pay-as-you-go off-grid power, and using blockchain to prevent land disputes.
Five Tech tools changing Nigeria’s civic space - The Nation Nigeria
For the first time in recent history, Africa got to be part of a global revolution. This is the tech revolution heralded by talented youn
The perfect mix: combining participatory influenza surveillance with modeling and forecasting
It's not either / or but rather both / and
Mapping The Explosion of Tech Hubs Across Africa | Appropriating Technology
M&E of Tech in humanitarian and development work: How can we do it better?
I used to write blog posts two or three times a week, but things have been a little quiet here for the past couple of years. That's partly because I've been 'doing actual work' (as we like to say) trying to implement the theoretical 'good practices' that I like soapboxing about. I've also been do...
‘Digital Transformations of Work’ � Conference Webcasts �
The Digital Transformations of Work Conference that Alex Wood and I organised brought together a room full of brilliant and passionate speakers and 80 guests to have a wide-ranging and critical con…
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Women’s Rights Online: Translating Access into Empowerment
New research by the Web Foundation shows that the dramatic spread of mobile phones is not enough to get women online, or to achieve empowerment of women through
Hollaback! You have the power to end harassment

Challenging sexual harassment in public space