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Trippy is Pinterest-like social platform dedicated to the collection and sharing of travel and destination ideas.


Just like Pinterest, Trippy offers the opportunity to create thematic boards by either capturing unique content and images from the web

as well as by repinning other people's cool ideas.


From the About page: "So we're back, to change the way people travel once again. There are hundreds of travel sites made for you to plan your trip. Doesn't make much sense though, considering you're probably not an expert on places you're visiting, especially if you've never been before. Plus, travel sites are typically an unfortunate mix of questionable content from crowd-sourcing, "local experts" (aka, strangers), and people paid to write fake reviews. Trippy is the first site designed to offer a "friend-sourced" solution to the long-standing problem of untrustworthy and irrelevant travel content."


From the official site: "Trippy's trip planning tool allows you to create a trip itinerary based on the places you're considering, which can be shared with your friends to collaborate on ideas and recommendations.


Trips also work with our full-featured iPhone app so that you can view your travel plans and create trip albums on the go."


Some board examples:




iPhone app:


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