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IJEDICT is a free, open access, online, peer-reviewed international journal.  It aims to strengthen links between research and practice in ICT in education and development in hitherto less developed parts of the world, e.g., developing economies (especially small states), and rural and remote regions of developed economies.

Now in its 8th year of publication, here are the titles, authors, publication dates and statistics for the top five most downloaded articles:


1. "The role of ICTs in the economic development of Africa: The case of South Africa", Langmia, 2006/11/26 - downloads = 43,209

2. "New technologies for teaching and learning: Challenges for higher learning institutions", Sife Lwoga Sanga, 2007/06/13 - downloads = 42,493

3. "Analysis of the uses of information communication technology (ICT) for gender empowerment", Obayelu Ogunlade, 2006/08/10 - downloads = 37,430

4. "Educational Development in Kenya and the Role of Information and Communication Technology", Kinuthia, 2009/04/01 - downloads = 35,923

5. "The usage of ICT for secondary education in Mongolia", Sambuu, 2006/01/08 - downloads = 34,628