Piketty’s Missing Knowhow
Thomas Piketty argues that, because the world’s rich countries are growing at less than 4-5% per year, they are becoming more unequal.
Europe and Anti-Europe
The European Parliament election made it clear that there are now two Europes: one in which the logic of integration is deeply embedded in the sociopolitical order; and one that rejects the basic assumptions of pooled sovereignty.
The Road to Full Investment
As capital becomes more abundant, the expected return on new investment, allowing for risk, falls to zero, which appears to be the case now.
India’s election remakes our world
Modi must accelerate economic progress in ways seen to benefit the vast majority, not just the country’s elites
La Caixa decide hoy su transformación en una fundación
La Asamblea General de La Caixa decide hoy sobre la transformación de la hasta ahora primera caja española en una fundación bancaria.