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"We are in a golden age of storytelling" was the message shared by the New York Times's assistant managing editor Jim Roberts early on in a session at the News World Summit today named 'Obituary: The death of the traditional news story".


This article is slanted toward journalists. But think about it -- if you are using content, or creating content in your business to drive sales, then in many ways you are being a journalist. Especially if you attend conferences or events and report on those later to your customers/community.


So these 7 tips are pretty interesting and I bet you can incorporate many of them as your develop and promote your content. Like, 'avoid the 900-word valueless story' and 'incorporate live feeds' into your content. Hmmm -- that's an intesting one to get your head wrapped around. But that could be a lot of fun to do, especially at conferences or events.


So check these tips out. They are not your typical 'digital storytelling tips' that are a dime-a-dozen on the web. And I hope you get some good ideas!


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