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"I've come to several conclusions about working in administration:


Leading faculty members is not at all like running a business. It's about creating an atmosphere that allows faculty members to accomplish their goals and dreams. Some administrators fail to understand that.   Some faculty members are simply hard-wired to disagree with administrators. ..


Depending on what your administrative job is, you might be spending most of your time dealing with complaints. ...    As an administrator, you're never truly off duty. ...     While people often seek administrative posts because they see themselves as leaders, much of the day-to-day job is not really about leading. Instead, it is often about signing documents, approving travel requests, vetting adjuncts, writing evaluations, sending thank-you notes, creating committees. ...     Oddly, some administrative work is unavailable once you become an administrator. ... As a full-time administrator, however, I don't sit on any "faculty" committees. It seems a little ironic to me that once I step down from administration, I'll be eligible to do more committee work at the university level than I can do now.     The work of administration can be lonely."

Via Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), Deb Nystrom, REVELN