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Rescooped by Barbara Lane from Common Core Online

Comparing SBAC Questions to State Assessment Questions-Great Video

I compared a few questions from CST and SBAC. CST stands for California Standards Tests and these are questions that were on previous STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) tests given to students in California and ...

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Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards | 21st Century Learning | Scoop.it
A collection of ideas for teachers in grades K-5 with a larger focus on grades 3, 4 and 5.
(I also have some boards for my own personal interests.) Always is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.

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Barbara Lane's insight:

Video can be used to show how standardized tests may not prepare students for the 21st Century world

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Useful, Practical resources for the Common Core Classroom

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Do You Know What You’re Good At? (with Sir Ken Robinson) | Big Think Mentor | Big Think

Do You Know What You’re Good At? (with Sir Ken Robinson) | Big Think Mentor | Big Think | 21st Century Learning | Scoop.it

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"Talent isn’t everything. In fact, some of the most robust findings to come out of developmental psychology over the past decades have identified self-control – the ability to harness, train, and apply your aptitudes over time – as the most important factor in adult success. Furthermore, says Sir Ken Robinson, turning a talent into a livelihood is a recipe for a happy lifeonly if you love what you’re doing. In other words, talent and passion don’t always go hand in hand.


"Still, identifying your talents or aptitudes is an important factor in what Robinson calls “finding your element” – that admixture of innate ability and passion that will motivate you to achieve your fullest potential while feeling like you haven’t worked a day in your life. And according to Robinson, a surprising number of us go through life completely unaware of what our real aptitudes are. A world-renowned expert on education, Robinson assigns the lion’s share of blame to public school systems that focus narrowly on IQ and standardized testing as the sole measures of ability. Many people, says Robinson, are trained to view their real aptitudes as worthless or irrelevant.

 "In How to Find Your Element, his new workshop for Big Think Mentor, Robinson offers advice and exercises for identifying your aptitudes, as an essential first step toward building a meaningful life and career."

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