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Scooped by Miguel Ángel Campo

COST | Connecting European connectivity research

COST | Connecting European connectivity research | Hydrology | Scoop.it
Miguel Ángel Campo's insight:

A new action to share knowledge about sediments conectivity

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Rescooped by Miguel Ángel Campo from Geography Education


HDI Map | Hydrology | Scoop.it

"Our mission is to provide easy-to-use, yet methodologically sound tools for understanding well being and opportunity in America and to simulate fact-based dialogue about issues we all care about: health, education and income. "

Via Seth Dixon
Mrs. B's curator insight, November 18, 2013 9:08 AM

Love how this dissaggregates the data to individual states. What are the states with the highest HDI and why?

PIRatE Lab's curator insight, November 23, 2013 5:00 PM

A wonderful tool to explore and play around with demography, income, etc. across the U.S.  It would be great if you could dial in on only coastal counties to compare coastal vs. inland regions of the U.S.

Lauren Jacquez's curator insight, February 3, 2014 10:32 PM

HDI...Chapter 9 material HUGGERS!