Huron Consulting Group
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Huron Consulting Group
Focusing on strategy, finance, operations and technology, we help global clients improve performance, comply with complex regulations and reduce costs—delivering measurable, sustainable results.
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Huron Consulting Group Expertise

Huron Consulting Group Expertise | Huron Consulting Group |

We’ve been there. We’ve faced the same challenges and opportunities your organization sees every day. Our consulting professionals have the unrivaled ability to work with you regardless of the situation or demands. Because our deeply honed expertise stems from a unique understanding that only comes with hands-on industry experience, and from crafting real-world solutions that get results.


Our consulting teams have worked throughout the higher education, healthcare, financial and legal spectrums as CEOs, CFOs, vice presidents, and budgeting directors. We’ve been board members and managing partners, acted as General Counsel and medical school deans. We deliver expertise that crosses boundaries into every facet of your industry, with hands-on strategic, operational, financial, functional, and technological proficiency.





- Capital Advisory

- Forensic Investigations

- Operational Improvement

- Restructuring & Turnaround

- Transaction Advisory

- Valuation



- Research Enterprise Solutions

- Strategy Solutions

- Technology Solutions

- University Performance Improvement Solutions



- Clinical Documentation Improvement

- Clinical Operations

- Human Resources

- Labor

- Non-Labor

- Physician

- Revenue Cycle

- Strategy



- Discovery

- Law Department Management

- Law Firm Strategy & Management

- Records & Information Management

- Staffing

- Technology Implementation



- Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Solutions

- Research Enterprise Solutions



- Academic Medical Centers

- Automotive

- Energy & Utilities

- Financial Services

- Healthcare

- Higher Education

- Legal

- Manufacturing & Distribution

- Media

- Metals & Mining

- Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

- Public Sector

- Real Estate

- Technology

- Trucking & Logistics


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Huron Consulting Group Company Profile

Huron Consulting Group Company Profile | Huron Consulting Group |

Huron Consulting Group Inc. is a public company traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “HURN.” Huron Consulting Group is committed to its clients, its people and its stockholders. Our Investor Relations site includes Company and financial information to provide a better understanding of Huron and its business segments – Huron Healthcare, Huron Legal, Huron Education and Life Sciences, Huron Financial, and All Other.


Huron Consulting Group helps clients in diverse industries improve performance, reduce costs, leverage technology, process and review large amounts of complex data, address regulatory changes, recover from distress and stimulate growth. Our professionals employ their expertise in administration, management, finance and operations to provide our clients with specialized analyses and customized advice and solutions that are tailored to address each client's particular challenges and opportunities to deliver sustainable and measurable results. The Company provides consulting services to a wide variety of both financially sound and distressed organizations, including healthcare organizations, leading academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, governmental entities and law firms. Huron has worked with more than 95 of the top 100 research universities, more than 400 corporate general counsel, and more than 385 hospitals and academic medical centers.


In this website, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms “Huron,” “company,” “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Huron Consulting Group Inc. and its operating subsidiaries. Certain information and materials contained on this website are provided by third parties, and Huron Consulting Group Inc. does not accept responsibility for any mistakes, errors or omissions in such information or materials and your use of such information and materials is governed by the Terms of Use.


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