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Custom iBooks Author Widgets


Add Widgets. Add Interest.

iBooks Author comes with 6 inbuilt widgets to add great interactive elements to your iBooks.

With Class Widgets, you can easily add more.

No need to program or install Dashcode, just click on the Wizard and download your auto-generated widget.

See the list below for our latest iBooks Author Widgets - we will be adding more over the coming days. Please get in touch if you would like to request a custom iBooks Author Widget.


Custom Sliding Puzzle in iBooks

Embed a sliding puzzle widget into your iBooks, custom made from your own photo or image.

Challenge your readers with a sliding puzzle, made from an image that you supply. The widget wizard will automatically split your image into blocks, which your readers can move with their finger to try and solve the puzzle and re-create the image, diagram or photo.

A great way to add some fun and interactivity!


Live Twitter Feed widget

Embed a live twitter feed into your iBooks

This widget makes it easy to add either your own twitter feed, or a predefined twitter search term or hashtag. The widget automatically updates the twitter feed when online every 30 seconds.


Interactive timeline images

Swipe your finger to advance through a set of timeline, percentage or image sequences

This widget makes it easy to re-create your own timeline sequence, similar to those in E. O. Wilson's "Life on Earth" iBook. Upload your images, set your slider values and your widget is done.


Embed YouTube clips in iBooks

Add a YouTube clip widget, which expands to play fullscreen from within an iBook.

Great when you wish to include online materials, but do not want to distribute the entire video. Automatically shows a notification screen if the reader is offline, or if their institution blocks access to YouTube.


Embed Vimeo clips in iBooks

Add a Vimeo clip widget, which loads a streaming Vimeo video. Automatically shows a notification screen if the reader is offline, or if their institution blocks access to Vimeo.


Embed Google Maps in iBooks

Add a Google Maps widget, which expands to a touch enabled fullscreen map from within your iBook.

Show a simple map location, or use Google's "My Places" to add your own custom location markers, highlighted areas and more on an interactive map.


Live Polling Widget

Create a live interactive poll right from within your iBook.

Readers get to vote on your set of questions, and get to see what the latest consensus views are-



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