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Change The World

Change The World | human energy |
Art Giser's insight:

Help Change the World from Your Living Room, and receive a personal energy clearing and healing at the end of each session. People tell us that it is one of the highlights of their week.

If you have never joined us before, you are in for a very special experience:
a chance to help others, connect with your inner wisdom and spirit, 
and receive a personal healing. In these times of immense change in the world it is more important than ever that we help people connect with their spirit and wisdom and bring that into their decisions and actions. I hope that you can join us to help other people, and to get a personal energy healing at the end!

The next session will be Saturday June 22. You can participate over the telephone OR on the internet. And their are now local phone numbers in the UK, Canada, and USA. 

The ses­sions are some Sat­urdays at 10:00am Pacific/1pm ET/
Which is normally 6pm UK/ 7pm Europe/8pm Middle East 
please confirm your local time at
40 minutes

As part of the tele­ses­sion, you will strengthen your con­nec­tion to your own spirit and inner wisdom, and receive a per­sonal trans­for­ma­tive ener­getic clearing and healing.

Please invite other people to join us. The more people, the stronger the energy will become.Everyone is wel­come and no expe­ri­ence is necessary.


Here are unsolicited comments form lasts weeks chat
Anne - Norwich (Incoming) 
- HI Art, Really loved the new format for these calls 
Peter - Forest Row (Incoming) 
- Thanks Art 
jane - Winslow AR (Incoming) 
Thank you! I appreciate your sharing this process/way of looking at things. 
Christine - Aberdeen Scotland (Incoming) 
Thank you, Art, for a lovely gentle powerful session 
Shirley - Essex UK (Incoming) 
Thank you so much Art, that was fabulous! Look forward to connecting next time. Shirley x 
Sharon - Florida (Incoming) 
Thank you, Art. That was phenomenal.
Diane - Middleboro, Mass (Incoming) 
- Hi! Great to hear you!
Hi Art... :) adding to the energy... Suki from London 
Mariah– Tucson, AZ (Incoming) 
Hello, Art! Thanks for this wonderful gift--I really like the whole concept of joining in a world-wide meditation. 
Katelin - Tucson (Incoming) 

Thanks for doing this. 
Deborah Lynne - - San Francisco (Incoming) 

Happy to be here! 
jane - Winslow, Arkansas (Incoming) 

-3m 8s - I first heard you on Karen and Salma, and was impressed by you, so I am looking forward to today. 
Anne - Norwich (Incoming) 

-3m 2s - Hi Art, Great to be on a CTWFYLR call again - hope you had a great time with the Level 1 and 2 courses :) 
Einiyah - - Lake Mary (Incoming) 

-2m 57s - hi and thanks again! 
Lona - Londo (Incoming) 

-2m 28s - Hi Art, nice you are doing this again 
Shirley - - Essex, UK (Incoming) 

-7s - Hi Art, Shirley x 
Sharon - - Florida (Incoming) 

28s - Hi Art. 
Christine - - London (Incoming) 

2m 48s - Hi everybody ♥ 
Ruth - - KL (Incoming) 

5m 40s - Good morning Art, hi everyone, it's great to be joining you all on this call. 
valerie - - Freckleton, Preston, Lancashire (Incoming) 

6m 41s - Hi, So happy to be doing this again. Love, Light & Sparkly Blessings Valerie 
Barbara - - Toronto, Canada (Incoming) 

12m 12s - Hi. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to raise our collective consciousness. 

Anyone is welcome to join us from energy new bee ti master. 

Art Giser and the other hosts of Change the World From Your Living Room.
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Psychic Psychology — Energy Skills for Life and Relationships

Psychic Psychology — Energy Skills for Life and Relationships | human energy |
Energy Skills for Life and Relationships
Art Giser's insight:

This is a special book filled with unique wisdom and insights into spirituality, and everyday life. Both the authors are close friends, so I can attest that they are wonderful and amazing teachers.

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Spiritual Share is a new neighborhood for spreading your faith based suffers from. Talk about your personal moments & browse what other folks are saying. Spiritual Share is also a magazine of all things related to spirituality- psychic readings, horoscopes, tarot cards, astrology, dream interpretations, feng shui, meditation, mediumship, numerology, past lives, psychic readings, reiki, runes, zodiac, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyants, metaphysical advice, hand readings, new age, chakras, channeling, divination, actresses, spiritual healing, mysticism, reincarnation, theosophy, urantia, occult, devotionals.

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10 SEO Copywriting Tips That Will Help Your Content Rank ...

10 SEO Copywriting Tips That Will Help Your Content Rank ... | human energy |
Back when I first started learning about SEO, I thought SEO copywriting just meant stuffing keywords into text. That may or may not have worked years ago, but these days; search engines are much more sophisticated than ...

Via Tulugaq
Tulugaq's curator insight, June 17, 2013 5:29 AM

SEO Copywriting

Art Giser's comment, June 21, 2013 7:45 PM
your very welcome Tulugag