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Written by Ebenezer Howard and originally published in 1898, the book was titled "To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform". In 1902 it was reprinted as "Garden Cities of To-Morrow". Howard's ideas gave rise not only to the garden city movement, but also were the origin of  modern planning concepts such as network urbanism or polycentric cities.


"Our diagram may now be understood. Garden City is built up. Its population has reached 32.000. How will it grow? It will grow by establishing another city some little distance beyond its own zone of "country", so that the new town may have a zone of country of its own. [...] the inhabitants of the one could reach the other in a very few minutes; for rapid transit would be specially provided for, and thus the people of the two towns would in reality represent one community." Ebenezer Howard

Via Ignacio López Busón