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Dr. Veronica Note:

Truly, your identification is a unified one. People search ALL of your networks to learn about the brand called "You". Therefore, you should be consistent. Refrain from posting anything anywhere that will not represent you in a way that might derail your professional and life goals.


Laura Notes:

The Mindset Divide – how people use different social networks is extremely interesting. In this infographic, we compare the use of personal and professional networks, and gain knowledge as to what some of the key differences are between how people engage, interact and use social media, whether for personal or business purposes.

A few key takeaways:


The emotions portrayed on personal networks include nostalgia, having fun and distraction – professional networks are concentrated on achievement, aspiration and success. People spend time on personal networks, where-as they invest time on professional networks. People use personal networks to socialise, whereas professional networks are used to search for career opportunities and stay in touch. Users expect personal updates on personal networks, and more career-based and current affairs updates on professional networks.


View the complete infographic for a better understanding of how personal and professional social networks compare and tips on how to optimize your social profiles to maximize results...

Via Lauren Moss, Dr Veronica Anderson