hulk-in-a-skirt: Life Relaunch 2012 | Hulk in a skirt |
        1800 days in the film business, 125 auditions, 50 agents contacted, 2500 emails sent  : ZERO role. Five damned years before I realise I just sucked at acting. 
           After that breakthrough, everything became kind of fuzzy for a few weeks : ice cream binges and lol cats videos is pretty much all I can remember. Around that time, out of bordom, I started scribble a few « drawings ». And boy, I sucked at this too ! But you know,  what else could I do with my days ? So, I kept trying, and trying, until I got completely hooked on drawing and eventually couldn’t think of doing something else with my life. 
          Until one day I came across a little comicbook store in Paris. I didn’t know about comicbooks then, but just loved what I read so I bought a few issues. Being a big tv show consumer, I found the idea of having to wait for the next issue very appealing. I liked how the stories, because of their shortness, had to be intense. I liked how dynamics the drawings were. How, with just a few euros, you could get into a new artist’s vision. All of this was completely new to me ; in France we just have the Franco-Belgium kind of format.  I couldn’t believe I’ve never heard of great artists such as Jim Lee, Sean Philipps, Alan Moore, Grant Morisson, Scott Snyder, Ed Brubaker, Robert Kirkman and co ! It was a all new world to dig in, and I couldn’t wait to get started. 
         As the months went by, I (finally) got better and seriously considered making a living from my passion. That’s when I met Charlie Adlard. Perfect timing. We talked for a bit, he was kind enough to give me some advice and encouraged me to keep working on it. Well that was all I needed ! 
         Just a few days later, I spoke to a writer friend of mine who had been working on a comicbook project. He told me about his story (a 12-issues thriller), and I loved it. His artist had just left (luckily !), so I offered to run a few trials. 
        He apparently liked what he saw, because here we are, 6 months later, with a great thriller called "Opium?" ready to be launch on Ipad, Kindle and such in September. 

And this is how the adventure begins...

Come on guys, to the batpoles !