Somali Piracy
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Somali Piracy
As read in the article, Piracy is a criminal act that has, and is taking of the horn of Africa. This practice is most commonly found off of the coast of Somalia, which is right off of the African Horn in East Africa. What's interesting is that Somalians aren't just doing this to gain the status as the "bad guy." They are committing piracy to sustain a way of living in their own country. While they are paid a decent amount of $30,000 to $75,000 each per year, the deductions on doing the small things wrong while committing the piracy act are rather heavy. Deduction penalties for common pirates include: a major fine for the over consumption on the stimulant plant "khat" (a legal stabilizing drug that is very popular in Somalia), a food deduction, and a fine up to $5,000 for mistreating the crew of a ship. The act of piracy can be very profitable, but always risky. Should more developed countries aid countries like Somalia to help stop piracy? Should militaries step in to forbid piracy? If so, what tactics should they use? Remember, the Somalians are using piracy as a way of living, as opposed to committing a crime.
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