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Performance Web : front-end & UI-UX
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Schnaps.itoffre une palette de fonctionnalités lorsque vous débutez un nouveau projet web :

il permet de construire un squelette HTML vide très rapidementil offre la possibilité de concevoir des gabarits de mise en page simple (une, deux, trois colonnes, hauteurs identiques, etc.) basés sur le mini framework KNACSSil propose du faux-texte "Lorem Ipsum" en version alsacienne provenant de Schnapsum.

Le générateur de gabarits permet d'affiner certains réglages visuels des différents éléments (largeur, marges internes, marges externes, alignement de texte, etc.).


Via Mickael Ruau
Mickael Ruau's curator insight, October 22, 2013 7:02 AM

Une fois vos réglages effectués, il ne vous reste plus qu'à récupérer l'ensemble des fichiers en un clic !

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Bootsnipp: Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap

Bootsnipp: Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap | Performance Web : front-end & UI-UX |
Bootsnipp is an element gallery for web designers and web developers, anybody who is using Twitter Bootstrap will find this website essential in their craft.
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Why a Mobile Website Is Part of Any Business Plan [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why a Mobile Website Is Part of Any Business Plan [INFOGRAPHIC] | Performance Web : front-end & UI-UX |

57% of mobile web users will end up not recommending a website if they had any trouble visiting it on their phones. If a business has a bad website for mobile devices, 34% of visitors will end up going to a competitors’ website.

According to WebpageFX, businesses should use CSS for the layout and not tables. They should code with XML or XHTML, and put all the important information on the top of the landing page. ”Mobile website users are usually busy doing something else like waiting in line, walking through town, or spending time out with friends,” reports WebpageFX. “Their main focus is not necessarily your website so information needs to be quick and easy to access.”

By 2015, mobile sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $31 billion (right now they’re at $6.7 billion). Businesses have to get ready and have a solid mobile site, since that’s where many sales will start taking place...

Via Lauren Moss
Shanika Journey's curator insight, April 3, 2013 10:13 AM

I can actually say I'm one of the 57% that feels this way.