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TAASA - Break The Box

Pledge your support: Sexual violence isn't just about rape or physical harassment. It begins when we hurt people through the wo...
Zahida's insight:

This is a video that displays what society actually thinks and expects from girls and boys.  It shows us that there are certain expectations from both sides of thestory, but the girls featured are effected the most because they are put down when they strive for something that is considered to be a boy's thing to do. Football is a main example for what is considerd, by society, to be a boy's sport. Boys would benefit from this because they relize that steriotypes affect them just as much as girls are effected by them. This is one way to get boys and men motivated to help support equality for women. 

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How can we better serve women entrepreneurs?

How can we better serve women entrepreneurs? | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |
Is #microfinance really serving women entrepreneurs? Food for thought from an experiment in #Pakistan .

Via Murray Coles
Zahida's insight:

This article was particularly interesting because it questions the efficiency of microfinancing and its effect on women in poverty stricken areas. People considering donating to the start microfinancing for women in poverty stricken areas should look at both ends to the story and try to alleviate the consequences they might inflict on the women they are donating to. In Half the Sky, some successful personal microfinanicing is identified, but the adverse effects were not dicusssed. 

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Wanawake | Photographer: Martina BACIGALUPO

Wanawake | Photographer: Martina BACIGALUPO | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |

"Every minute in the world a woman dies of childbirth. 99% of these women live in developing countries. More than half of them live in sub-Saharan Africa. For every maternal death, 20 women suffer pregnancy-related injuries, infections or diseases and, in some case, long term disabilities. The majority of maternal deaths and disabilities can be prevented through access to basic health-care services during pregnancy and delivery.

The more affected are women living in poverty, who lack the decision-making power and the financial resources to access basic health care.
The lack of progress in reducing maternal mortality highlights the low price placed on the lives of these women and testifies to their limited public voice.
In the urban western world a woman reaches a hospital in less than 7 minutes. In the Congo women who manage to reach a health center have walked, pregnant and alone for hours, often for days." - Martina Bacigalupo

Via Photo report
Zahida's insight:

This article interests me because of the major differeances in the avaerage time it takes for women to get to the hospital when they become pregnent. In the urban western world a women gets to the hospital while in the Congo, women get to the hospital after walking for hours or even days. Many people want to help in a specific way want to donate to a cause that they know that they can directly impact people.  The half the sky book concentrates on specific examples, while this article concentrates on one aspect of the overall goal that the Half the Sky book is trying to promote. 

Photo report's curator insight, October 18, 2013 6:06 PM

Martina Bacigalupo was born in 1978 in Genova.

She is member of Agence Vu in Paris.

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Podcast: Gender inequality and violence against women – a vicious ...

Podcast: Gender inequality and violence against women – a vicious ... | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |
“Trying to tackle violence against women is exactly the same agenda as promoting gender equality. I can not imagine how women can be equal to men at work or in professions, if they continue to be to such a large extent ...

Via Sniper Catz
Zahida's insight:

This article reinforces that women inequality and violence against women coexist together and reinforce each other. So, we can not blindly ignore or concentrate on only one factor of the inequal treatment of women, we have to reinforce the equally harmful smaller problems in homes as we move on to the bigger and greater eqaulity of women politically. 

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100 Women: 'We can end inequality'

100 Women: 'We can end inequality' | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |

Iceland's champion debater has called for better education for women and has said it is within women's power to eradicate gender inequality for an "equal and just society".

Via Gina Bruce
Zahida's insight:

Women inequality can be solved in many fields. In the BBC Women Concerance Sigridur Egilsdottir mentioned that there are many struggles to come before solving the problem of women inequality, but first we need to overcome our historic stereotypes on  ideas and thoughts on a women's roles in society and the government. The stereotype that men are stronger and better rulers of society is not nesessarily true. There where and still are great women leaders, that ruled or could rule society and the government if people first learned to accept that women are just as good and equal as men are equal considered important in the world. This provides anouther strategy to adchieve women equality in LDC's. Married women in LDC's can benefit from this becuase  it is really their treatment that is being condidered. If we, as a society come together and decide it is time to stop bride burnings, acid attacks and the beatings that women recieve in LDC's, then the ill treatment will stop because it will be looked down apoun. 

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Renewable energy is empowering women -

Renewable energy is empowering women - | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |
Renewable energy is empowering women
Expanding access to electricity in the developing world with renewables is creating economic opportunities for women through assisting businesses, microfinance and longer workdays.
Zahida's insight:

This was a particularly interesting article scince it promoted renewable energy and empowering women. Power is a main factor that prevent women from continuing their education, getting fuel and other things. Scince this company has successfully created renueable energy sources that can be implimented in rural areas, women in these areas finnally get their power and create economic opportunities for women to work for the company. This would effect the women in these areas andit also might get people to think about simple ways to enpower women who live in these communities. This type of simple empowerment is a main themse that is focused on  in the book, Half the Sky.

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South Asia doing worst on UN development goals

South Asia doing worst on UN development goals | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |
South Asian nations are making the least progress in the Asia-Pacific region on meeting MDGs, an Asian Development Bank official says...


The UN's developmental goals are include reducing child and maternal mortality, halving poverty and hunger, providing universal primary education, gender equality and halting the spread of HIV/AIDS. In the Asia/Pacific region there are 17 countries that are not meeting the goals and all South Asian countries (except Sri Lanka) are labeled as 'off track.'

Via Seth Dixon
Zahida's insight:

This article mentions that the UN has made develpoment goals in poverty-stricken areas and they have included maternal mortality as one of them. Although they are making progress, they are falling behind in their goals. But the main accomplishment that was made by the UN in this effortb was identifying the areas that needed the most help from non-profit organizations. This would benefit people who want to donate to maternal health which is ussually impacted by the other factors the UN wants to reduce. When people are told the specific were their donations were going they are more likely to donate more generously. The Half the Sky book particularly highlightes specific examples in particular places to help aid their potential supporters, to start donating. 

Justin Ng Jie Ern's curator insight, January 20, 2014 10:22 AM

There are about 17 countries who are off-track the Millennium Development Goals. Out of the 17, all South Asian countries are included with the exception of Sri Lanka.

These countries are experiencing poverty and the lack of proper education.

I am worry for these 17 countries, as most of them are undevelop countries. I am afraid that as the world continues to move forward for the better,  these undeveloped countries would get left behind in the process.

I am dissapointed by the fact that some countries' government are not taking the initiative to help the country to stop poverty, and end the misery of these countries.

But i am enlighted and encouraged by the fact that, some of the governments are taking up the initiative to stop poverty. I am also enlighted that these governements are trying their best to improve their education system for young minds too.

In my opinion, all government should take the initiative to clear this obsacle called 'poverty' and help improve their education system, to help educate this country's children.

BrandonTeoZX's curator insight, January 21, 2014 7:41 AM

Reading this article, i feel a bit spoilt. Why? Here i sit, in a comfortable armchair and with a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes to wear, i feel like a king compared to them. People in southeast asia are not doing very well, children having no basic education, people contracting HIV or AIDS easily, some do not even have clean water to drink from. Singapore is a country in Southeast asia, and yet we are one of the world's richest nations, in stark contrast to the other parts of Asia. What can people do about this? What can we do to help? 

jerriel wai's curator insight, January 26, 2014 8:55 AM

connect: The UN has been helping countries facing poverty issues for quite some time now. They are a great corparation that helps


extend: I thought they only helped the countries not solve the countries problems. This should be done by the government.  I believe that this can be done by making the government corruption free.


challenge: Lets try to stop poverty in south asia, shall we?

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UN Women Ad Series Reveals Sexism Still Prevalent Worldwide

UN Women Ad Series Reveals Sexism Still Prevalent Worldwide | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |
A recent UN Women ad series has gone viral, with the results of Google autocorrect searches revealing widespread sexism still rampant.
Zahida's insight:

A new UN campain reconizes the inequality of women worldwide by using one of the most famous websites on the web- Google. This intrests me that one of the largest humanitarian organizatations in the world use on of the most used websites in trhe world to convey that women inequality exists on the Internet as well. This quickly grabs the attention and personalizes the issue of women inequlailty to many people worldwide in one sweep. This emotionally effects people in MDC's to act on the issue of women inequality. The Half the Sky Movement also uses these types of strategies to directly impact people on a greater scale. 

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- Human Trafficking Must End - Fight Sex Trafficking - Hope for the Sold

- Human Trafficking Must End - Fight Sex Trafficking - Hope for the Sold | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |

Via Lia S. Costa
Zahida's insight:

Sometimes all it takes is a letter. This letter interested me because I normal citizen, next to a possible red light district, took a simple step to make sure that did not happen. He wrote a letter to the mayor explaining the ethical consequences of sex trafficing, and within the short time the msyor replied that he would never support sex trafficing. This could encourage citizens in other established red light districts to bring up the issue to the government officials, and get their thoughts on the subject.The Half the Sky book  indentifies and encourages these individuals who stand up for themselves and others in the community.

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Letter: Western, 'liberated' fashions also reflect women's inequality - Montreal Gazette

Letter: Western, 'liberated' fashions also reflect women's inequality - Montreal Gazette | HTS Women Inequality Blog Post |

It is not only eastern fashions which represent women's inequality, but our western “liberated” fashions, as well.

Via Jo Paoletti
Zahida's insight:

This article refers to women inequality in MDC's due to western fasion. The fasion sense of the 21st century culture is essentially dominated by what men would like women to wear. It is interesting how such a simple concept such as dressing up in the morning, for women, displays women's inequality and the clothes that they choose to wear is not nessessarily their choice. Girls and women alike who struggle to find their own style and personality learn that they don't have to be bound to what society thinks they should wear and more importantly act. Mistreated women can't break out of their soceity because they think that their place is already decided for them and that they have no other choice than to fill in that place in society. This prevents women from breaking out of prostitution, and poverty.

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