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Tremendous forces are radically reshaping work as we know it.

Changing employee expectations, new technologies, increasing globalisation and a need for agility in the face of a turbulent business environment mean that tomorrow’s workplace will be barely recognisable from today. HR will need to respond accordingly.

Research by Accenture has identified 10 business trends that will radically reshape HR in the next five years:

1. The rise of the extended workforce.

2. Managing individuals. I

3. Technology advances radically disrupt HR.

4. The global talent map loses its borders.

5. HR drives the agile organisation.

6. Talent management meets the science of human behaviour

7. Social media drives the democratisation of work.

8. HR must navigate risk and privacy in a more complex world.

9. HR expands its reach to deliver seamless employee experiences.

10. Tapping skills anywhere, anytime. .

These trends are happening now and will only get more real and impactful. A very different set of HR and talent management practices will be required, which are better suited to a highly volatile, global and knowledge-oriented age.


Via Alexander Crépin