How to Transfer Smartphone Photo Into CANVAS PRINTS
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How to Transfer Smartphone Photo Into CANVAS PRINTS
The world, even the small, cozy world of canvas printing ( services, is full of snobs. People are out there waiting right now to tell you that your taste in wine is awful, that you know nothing about music, the correct way to print photos online, or that your handbag is an obvious forgery andphoto on canvas anyone who knew anything about leather would be able to tell. Snobs are always eager to show off their supposed knowledge, and the world of photography – even casual, hobbiest photography – is packed with people who will tell you, quite pointedly, that if you want to take the sort of photos that deserve printing on canvas, you have to get what is known to photo snobs everywhere as a ‘real camera.’

Smartphones Aren’t Smart Enough for Photo to Canvas? On the one hand, they’re right: The camera packed into your smartphone is never going to be as good as a stand-alone camera. By its very nature, the smartphone camera isn’t a priority: it’s one of dozens of tools and bits of technology in your phone. It’s limited by the form factor and the battery power, and it’s assumed that if you’re taking a photo with a smartphone you aren’t very serious about photography anyway.

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