Can People Collaborate Effectively While Working Remotely? | How to set up a Consulting Services Business |

As more workplaces become knowledge based, more companies will experience the tension of helping employees work together effectively while allowing them to do their jobs from almost anywhere.


One of the most important questions regarding the ability to work from anywhere is the effect it has on employees' engagement levels. On the one hand, working remotely offers employees a measure of autonomy that helps them feel better equipped to do their jobs well. On the other hand, employees must have positive, trusting relationships with their managers and coworkers to stay engaged, and such relationships may be more difficult to sustain with fewer opportunities for face-to-face interaction.


Gallup's extensive employee engagement research - presented in its recent State of the American Workplace report -- suggests that the ability to work remotely corresponds with higher engagement, but primarily among those who spend less than 20% of their total working time doing so.