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This article will teach you how to seduce women in bed with some simple tips which can help you make her want you easily.


You are interested in a beautiful woman and want to seduce her in bed . However you do not know the way on how to seduce women in bed. If that’s true, keep reading this article as it will give you some helpful tips to help you make your seduction process easier and more interesting. In fact, these tips have been used by many men and most of them are successful to seduce the woman they want. Check out this article and decide if they will work for you or not.

Tips To Seduce Women In Bed

1. Compliment Her

The first tip on how to seduce women is complimenting her. It is said that: "A men falls in love through his eyes, a woman love through her ears". That's completely true! Compliment is one of the best ways to approach a woman and seduce her. If you are interested in a woman, start off by a sweet smile and saying with her that she has a beautiful smile. She smiles back means you are on the right path to seduce her. Do not hesitate to continue talking to her.

2. Eye Contact

As a helpful tip on how to seduce women in bed, eye contact  is second only to compliment. It also is one of the main keys to seduce women. You should look into her eyes and this action will have the powerful effect on the woman. Make sure that you do not stare at the woman. You should maintain your eye contact steady when the woman is talking to you.

3. Put Her At Ease

Another way on how to seduce women is that you should make the woman feel very relaxed and comfortable. You can ask her some interesting questions to make the woman laugh or simply keep her interested. If you cannot be spontaneous with your conversation, you can prepare a little before you meet her so that you will not be awkward at any time.

4. Body Language

Your body language  also plays an important role in seducing women. Moreover, you also should know how to read the woman's body language because this can help you easily determine if she is interested in you or not. Therefore, watch her body language carefully. Be careful if the woman folds her arms across the chest because it is possible to show that she disagree with you or even is not interested in you. In this case, you should let her talk and listen to her. It is the simplest way to keep your conversation.

5. Please Her

Flattery is one simple tip on how to seduce women in bed. When you have a date with the woman, you should make her surprised with your romantic evening which is planned before. Put up wine, candles and flowers, which are loved by most of women. And make sure that your romantic date just for the two of you without other people who can break the romantic atmosphere you created. It can be sure that your woman will find it very flattering, and you are successful in seducing her.

6. Make Short Talk

Right after your dinner, do not rush into bed, but take the time to linger around a little and talk to her. Continue to give your woman sweet compliments and woke her up. Make her captivated with the sweet whispers into her ears.


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