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How to prevent breast cancer? You will know how to protect your breasts against breast cancer better with some simple tips. 

More and more women have concerned about breast cancer since this disease has become more and more common nowadays, especially in the United States. The country is also known for its top death rate in the world. Unfortunately, there has been no reliable solution that can 100% protect you from complex diseases such as breast cancer. However, experts have discovered many ways that you can use to turn the tides to your favor. Although to understand this specific disease and the causes more intensive researches are needed, but women can adopt certain tips to reduce the risks of developing breast cancer, and give their breasts a better protection. As nearly 95 percent of breast problems are identified by women, so supervising every little change to breasts is a recommended way to prevent breast cancer. Instead of having their breasts examined in a monthly basis, women now are encouraged to be "breast aware" to protect the breasts from any harm. In this way, women can keep an eye on their breasts without being overly anxious and worried due to too many medical checks. This article shall expose some of the simple tips women can use to know how to prevent breast cancer.

How To Prevent Breast Cancer

1. Relax

We all know that a stress can lead to many kinds of health-related issues. A survey in the United States found that women who suffered greatly from stress were more vulnerable to breast cancer. Although more studies need to be conducted, reducing stress will only bring benefits to your health.


2. Visit Your Doctor If You Detect A Lump

If you detect a lump, don't procrastinate to go to see your doctor. Statistics show that a large number of women chose not to visit their doctors after finding a lump since they were afraid of having breast cancer. If you think of doing the same then that is the worst thing you can do. First thing, almost breast lumps are not linked to breast cancer so consulting your doctor will help ease your mind. Next, swift medication can help to save your life if the lumps are cancerous. So, remember to visit your doctor whenever you find a breast lump.

3. Reduce Intake Of Fat

Whether there is a link between diets and breast cancer is still a controversial topic. However, it has been proven that the more fat women eat, the higher their risk of having breast cancer will get. As a result, women living in western countries are more likely to develop this complex illness than the other areas. Breast cancer is a much related to environments. Studies indicated the Japanese women 's risk of breast cancer have increased considerably after they moved from their home to the western countries where rich-fat diets are popular. So, to learn how to prevent breast cancer, limit your fat intake to only 70g a day, and no more than that.

4. Exercise Regularly

If you want to learn how to prevent breast cancer, you should try to exercise regularly. No need to be a gym member or implement some intensive workouts or train like a pro. Just moderate exercise on a daily basis will help you decrease the risk of having breast cancer by up to 25 percent.  Walking for 30 minutes each day, five or six days a week will help women significantly. Remember to walk briskly to get the optimal effect. If you want to reduce the risk by exercising, you have to do moderate exercises. Exercising decrease the levels of circulating estrogen within your body. Even though, estrogen is crucial for many processes taking place within your body, high levels of estrogen may develop the risk of breast cancer. 


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