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I would like to present a keyboard lesson to you with a chord progression in the key of F. The first round of this exercise we will be using certain positions and the second round will be using other chord positions.


The rhythm of this exercise is slow and will be played as such:

The left hand will play the root note in octaves just one time each bar (whole note).
The right hand will play the complete chord, playing 4 beats each bar (quarter notes).


If you are unsure of how to play different chord positions and inversions, you can find them in our free ebook of chords and inversions which can be downloaded instantly – just enter your name and email address in the right sidebar.


| F | Dm | Gm | C | Am | Dm | Bb | C7 :|| F |


In the First Round of this Chord Progression Play:


F root position
Dm 1 inversion
Gm root position
C 1 inversion
Am 2 inversion
Dm 1 inversion
Bb 2 inversion
C7 1 inversion


In the Second Round of this Chord Progression Play:


F 1 inversion
Dm 2 inversion
Gm1 inversion
C 2 inversion
Am root position
Dm 2 inversion
Bb root position
C7 2 inversion