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How to play basketball for beginners? First of all, you need to learn the rules, which will be introduced in this interesting article.

Created by James Naismith in 1891, basketball was originally intended for helping student to stay busy and get entertainment  in the months of cold winter. The players shot the balls into baskets made of peach, nailing it to the railing, then using a long dowel to retrieve it after successful shots. Over the decades, many basketball players such as Shaq, LeBron, Kobe and Jordan have become legends. Nowadays, basketball is seen as one of the most exciting, challenging yet entertaining types of sport of the world. The USA is well-known to be a great nation of basketball with the famous NBA. Do you want to learn how to play basketball for beginners? If so, the two things you must learn first is the set of basic rules and the important & necessary skills to play. This article today shall introduce the rules of basketball? Are you ready to learn how to play basketball for beginners?

How To Play Basketball For Beginners

1. Prepare A Ball And A Hop

To learn how to play basketball for beginners, you must learn about the prerequisites of the games. A ball with proper size and a net set at an average height that the ball can easily fit through. You will learn more details about the requirement of holding a basketball game below, but, in fact, people in the past used what they had to prepare for the game. The first hop was only a peach crate that was nailed to a specific railing. So, if you cannot get a suitable hoop, just use anything available nearby, like soccer balls, empty box, or whatever. Normal hoops are 45.7 cm in diameter and 10 feet in height. They are often supported by a plexiglass board of which basketball players bounce their shots. Normal games need two teams, so two hops are needed; each hop is at the end of the court. However, if you only want to learn how to play basketball for beginners, or want to practice with your buddies, you will only need a half-court basketball game, which requires just one hop. Balls used in basketball games are available in different sizes: adult, immediate, size for men & women, and youth. They are made of synthetic leather & rubber materials and easily purchased at any stores for sporting goods. When learning how to play basketball for beginners, remember to choose a ball appropriate for comfortable shooting without wobbling the wrist. Basketballs are available at most youth centers, athletic places and gyms, so you can borrow them for practice.

2. Two Teams Are A Must

When learning how to play basketball for beginners, you must know that a full-court game requires two teams, each of which has five players. Still, it is Ok to play a half-court game with three-man teams. When deciding to break into teams, ensure that the teams have the same number of players.

3. Points Are Scored When The Ball Is Shot Through The Hoops

To show you how to play basketball for beginners, we will talk about how to score points. Depending on the distance between an offensive player and the hoop, he or she can score from one to three points with one shot. The "three-point line" - a half-circle arc which is 6.1 m from the hoop, is where players can score three points . With each successful shot beyond that, players will receive extra points. If shots are taken inside the arc, they are commensurate to two points. Each foul shot is worth only one point, and players can take a shot at the free-throw line (4.6 m from the hoop). Depending on the moment when players are fouled (after the opposing team has many fouls or during shooting attempts, they will be given up to three free throws. 


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