These are the URL I do most of my online shopping. When I have websites projects that I cannot find the time to do I go to Fiverr and pay someone $5 to get it done. Their contractors on this site is very darn good. They can write a 500 word document in a few hours.

When I need camera equipment the 1st place on the web I go to is B&H. If I cannot find what I need I call their 800 # and one of their customer service engineer always find the product I need.

Last, but not least I am all about renewable energy. I was introduced to energy deregulations a few years back and it has prompted me to try and find a way to lower my energy bills. Electric and gas deregulation brings competition into markets which generally drives prices down. The consumer gets the freedom to choose who their supplier is, instead of having no choice at all. Most supplier offer a fixed price, which gives price certainty for both residential and commercial customers who in turn do not have to worry about up and down summer/winter pricing schedules. So if you are in a deregulated state be on the look out for an energy deregulated company with a great track record and give them a try.