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Discovering how to control premature ejaculation is very important for men to maintain their sexual health and self-esteem.

Premature ejaculation, also called as early ejaculation by some experts, has been a serious mental problem for an increasing number of men. Being not able to control their ejaculation and ejaculating before expectation dealt a severe blow to the confidence and self-esteem of many men. If you are also suffering from premature ejaculation, you need to find the ways on how to control premature ejaculation fast if you want to keep your relationship long-lasting. Satisfying your sexual partner is crucial, and if you fail to do that, unwanted consequences will happen. When you have an early ejaculation, although your partner may not show any noticeable expression, but deep down in her heart, she will probably wish it lasted longer. So, in order to keep your relationship in a long time, you should try some simple tips and methods revealed by this article to control premature ejaculation, and be a true gentleman in bed. With that, you will never have to worry about being cheated on.

How To Control Premature Ejaculation

1. Know That Early Ejaculation Is A Common Problem

If you are having trouble with controlling your ejaculation, don't be so worried since many out there are experiencing the same problem. It is estimated that three-fourth of men ejaculated before their partners wanted to, which means that this mental problem is a trouble for a large number of men. In some cases, being overly anxious can make your ejaculate sooner than your expectation. Keep calm, and you will find that learning how to control premature ejaculation is nothing difficult.

2. Increase The Frequency Of Masturbation

The key to controlling premature ejaculation for some men may be just masturbating more often. Although vast, the sperm supply in men's body is certainly not unlimited. Therefore, masturbating more often will make you climax longer, which, in turn, help you to control premature ejaculation better. To put theories into practice, remember to masturbate before you are ready for a sexual intercourse. Also, before getting to climax, you should try to masturbate for 15 minutes at least. When your sexual partner is in the game, think of your sexual intercourse as your "masturbation" and treat it accordingly. If there is a chance for second or third round of sex, don't hesitate to grab it. You can get some enjoyable experience if your girl is accommodating. Whenever you have an orgasm, you will feel that you could last for a longer time than the previous rounds. However, good and pleasant feelings are always the most important things. If your penis hurt, take a break. Don't be concerned as masturbation is totally safe if you don't overdo it. In addition to helping you learn how to control premature ejaculation, it also helps in preventing prostate cancer.

3. Try Various Sex Positions

Trying different sex positions not only enables you to have some fun, but it also benefit you since some position require longer time before you can climax. Both you and your partner will have a chance to discover what each of you likes and does not like about positions. Try lying beneath of your sexual partner or a side-by-side position will help you deal with premature ejaculation since your sperm will have a longer and more difficult way to reach the vagina. On the contrary, some positions such as missionary should be avoided as it will only help your sperm get to the destination easier.

4. Have An Open Talk With Your Partner

In sex, communication is as important as in any relationship. If you are having trouble with premature ejaculation, talk to your sexual partner about your problem. When you feel that you are approaching your climax, let your girl know and pull your penis out. Whether orally or manually, that will be an excellent chance to satisfy your sexual partner. When your little boy is ready for another round, let your partner know and continue the game. Tell your girl and pull out again when you are about to reach climax.


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