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This post teaches you how to be taller with simple tips and tricks that are helpful for you to remove your problems with height.


Have you ever felt embarrassed when going out with your friend, but she is more attractive than you just because she is higher than you? Or do you have trouble to touch something at the highest shelves in the supermarket? Or you have not been selected on the school's basketball team just because you are shorter than your opponents a few centimeters? It's time for you to get rid of all of these problems with some simple tips and tricks on how to be taller in this article. Following these tips and tricks will help you get taller and be more self-confident about your appearance .

Tips And Tricks To Be Taller

1. Consume A Balanced And Healthy Diet

If you have a plum body, you will look a lot shorter. Therefore, eating healthy and balanced is important tip on how to be taller because it can help you keep a slim body, which in turn makes you look higher. In fact, healthy and balanced diet also is the good way to provide you with full of nutrients needed for your growth. You should eat plenty of lean protein such as dairy, soy, fish and white poultry meat. Lean protein can help you promote your healthy bones and muscle growth. Soda, sweets, cakes, pizza and other simple carbohydrates is the stuff which you should avoid eating. In addition, you also need to eat more calcium which can help you promote your healthy bones. You can find calcium in dairy and leafy green vegetables. Zinc is also very important on your diet when you want to know how to be taller. Some studies have pointed that zinc deficiencies have a possible link with stunted growth. You should consume more crab, peanuts, lamb, pumpkin and squash seeds, wheat germ and oysters to supply zinc for your body. When it comes to grow taller, vitamin D is indispensible as it helps promote muscle  and bone growth in children. It is proven that the deficiency of vitamin D can cause weight gain and stunt growth in teenage girls. Add more food sources of vitamin D such as mushrooms, alfalfa and fish into your diet.

2. Exercise

Another tip on how to be taller that you should not miss out is doing exercise regularly. Jumping exercises such as hanging, dancing and skipping are good for your height so do them every day. Moreover, you should be active and work the muscles for at least thirty minutes a day. You can join a gym to have the access to a lot of great muscle-building and exercising machines. Joining a sports team is also a good way on how to be taller that can help you burn more calories and make your body look taller. The simplest way to be active is walking around.

3. Sleep Enough Each Night

Sleep  is very important for your body growth and development. It is highly recommended that getting between nine to eleven hours of sleep per night can help you become taller if you are under the ages of 20. That is because during you sleep, your body produces the human growth hormone created in your pituitary gland.

4. Understand About Height And Genes

In fact, if you want to find out the ways on how to be taller, you need to know that about 60 percents to 80 percents of people height is predetermined by genes. The reason makes you are shorter than others may be because you do not have the tall gene. However it does not mean that when your parents are short, you are short, too. It just means that you are more likely to be short, and in fact you can still improve your height with many ways (such as the tips and tricks on how to be taller above).


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