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How to be a feminine woman in your man’eyes? You will get the answer in this article


Do you want to be a feminine woman in your man’s eyes? Do you want him love you more? Keep reading this article from Vkool to find out tips and tricks how to be a feminine woman.

How To Be A Feminine Woman With Simple Techniques

1.       Good Appearance

Choose the proper clothes to your body; it should be shaped and nice to praise your body line. You can choose dresses, skirts, tank tops, fashion tops, skinny jeans, colorful scarves, etc. In addition, you should not wear the clothes that hide your shape such as long T-shirts, baggy pants, baggy sweatshirts, or the sleeping-looked dresses. Men will look at you if you are always in good look whenever appearing, of course, the first thing they feel good to find you & what you are wearing. Besides, you may wear makeup if you want, but do not overdo it. Gently make up will make you more beautiful.

2.       Love Yourself

No one loves you more than you love yourself. If you want to have a dream man beside, you need to love yourself first. Are you shy because of your heavy shape? Are you disappointed because you are not tall? In reality, you may be very charming even though you are not tall. The secret is to love every inch of your body, it means that you are self-confident.

3.      Keep Clean

Wherever you go, keep clean is the key to attract a man’s eyes. Although you are busy, but you should spend hour to make up, take care of your hair, and wear a nice dress. At least, it will help you more confident when going out. If you look rushed, you will never make any man comes to you. That is the truth, and keep clean is one of the easiest things you can do every day to look more beautiful.

4.       Wear Perfume

To look like a lady, you must wear a lady smell. This is not difficult to make your own smell. You can use scented lotion, perfume, or bath with some herbs, natural oils such as olive oils, coconut oils, etc. remember to avoid strong perfume if you do not want your man stay away from you.

5.       Be Graceful

Do you want to catch a man’s heart? Simply, you are a graceful girl. When moving, try to have a smooth movement, or confident movements. You may also wear cute clothes, shoes, heels, or dresses to look more feminine.

6.       Dance

One of the ways to make you look more charming is to dance. Dancing may help you improve your physique and improve the way you move. You can choose belly dance, the waltz, and salsa to make the different changes in moving. This is also an exercise and art to help you feel more comfortable in any case.

7.       Be Confident

Being confident is one of the keys to look feminine. Do you believe that men always like a confident woman? You will fail if you are always shy about your work, shape, or family. Learn how to resolve the problem, and believe that you will get succeed although you do not have a lot of advantages. Improve your confidence immediately if you want to be a feminine woman. However, it does not mean that you are always arrogant when talking with someone.

8.       Have Good Characters

You are a careful woman if you have good manners in life. In an event, you can meet a lot of people and you can say the word “please” instead of using space words. Or you can use the nice way to respond the negative sentences instead of being angry and rude. Moreover, you should avoid making noise or having the conflicted in public, use the polite words or sentences, avoid talking loudly, and avoid speaking fast.  Be polite in every case and let say “thank you” as much as possible. Just a few changes in making conversations or behaving to people, you will be a feminine woman, especially in your man’s eyes. 


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