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Learning how to attract a girl you have had a crush on can be tricky. This post will deal with that problem with easy advices.


Hey guys! Getting proper attention of the girl you have been thinking of for a long time is not so difficult. All you need to do is to have a subtle, romantic and sophisticated date . So how to have a memorable date that will start a long-standing relationship? Dating tips for guys included in this article shall show you what you need to do to have a successful date. Let's get started.

How To Attract A Girl

1. Your Manners Are Super Important

Although you don't need to become someone like Sir Lancelot, a bit of etiquettes is really important. Is your girl good-looking? If you think so, then tell her without hesitation. Open the doors for your girl when she walks through, or use your arm to help her when your girl steps down. Do not go too overboard though. Focus on her eyes and remember your girl's eye color as it is essential. If you want to know what she thinks of you, lean a little closer when she speaks. If the girl backs away, everything seems to be not going so well.

2. Show Your Confidence

Learning how to attract a girl may require you to boost your confidence  dramatically. Although nervousness is often expected on the first date, nothing can beat a little of self-confidence. So, when having small conversations, stick to your comfortable zone by talking about some common topics that are easy to discuss. However, that is also tricky, since no one finds a man who keeps rambling about his best sport match or how pro he is as a player attractive. The best way is to ask your girl about herself and start everything from there. Sometimes you should be a good listener. Also, you should choose someone that shares your hobbies and interests. Simple as it may sound, this step can be very time-consuming but also a big advantage. Similar interests mean that the link between both of you can be easily created, maintained and consolidated.

3. Keep Your Date Casual

When learning how to attract a girl, just keep everything casual. For your first date, drinks are OK and fine. No one would want to sit in a very long time with someone on the first meeting, especially if the conversation is not going well and there are not many similarities and understanding between both sides. Choosing a familiar bar for your first outing may be good, as you will have a fewer things to worry about, and you know your usual way there. Never go to your usual watering hole though. Choose a place that both you and the girl can feel comfortable when getting in. In terms of time, the first and second date should be held in the evening. After the third, you should have your date at the weekend.

4. Be Prepared

Learning how to attract a girl means that you have an excellent opportunity to show your girl just how great you can be for her in the future. If she thinks that you have just wake up, chances are she will not like you since you don't even care enough for yourself. Get a new haircut, buy some new clothes, check your teeth  and nail, make sure they look good and presentable. It is wisely to go little early, so you can have more time to go to the bathroom and get everything fully prepared for your date. In terms of ordering, play it safe by ordering only thing that you have tried before or that are easy to swallow.

5. Have A Backup Plan

Don't hesitate to ask your friends for some pointers if you have no clue or want to know whether you are still on the right track or not. Ask them about the outfit you’ve prepared for your date, or the location you want for your important day. You can avoid going to the restaurant that your friends dislike, or know what shirts they hate the most. That is very important. 


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