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Surdoc-Everyone needs their documents and files protected in the cloud All of us have years of files and information on our home computers. Our personal information is on them as well as that of our family members. Many files are unique and one of a kind, such as our photos, and can’t be replaced. Why risk loosing them?
With 10 GB of free storage, SurDoc provides automatic backup and secure online storage to keep all of your important files safe from loss or theft. All files are encrypted during transmission and storage. In the unfortunate event that something happens to your computer, you can easily restore all of your documents from SurDoc. textual and image data from virtually any source (word processing, spreadsheet, presentations and more) can be viewed, shared, annotated and digitally signed using any modern Web browser. SurDoc offers free data backup to its users and is a pioneer in standardizing shared document data.

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