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What Students Think About Using iPads in School

Interesting insight on students opinions using iPads in the classroom.

Tablets on the rise in nation’s schools

Interesting insight into how iPads are being used in schools and the impact they are making both positive and negative. I challenge teachers to look at this article and identify all the different teaching and learning ideas there are and how they could apply or adapt them in their classrooms.

The iPad as a Tool for Creation to Strengthen Learning

Great post on using tablets/iPads for creative purposes.

iPaddling through Third Grade: iPaddling through Guided Math

Great post about individualization and differentiation in maths teaching and learning using devices

iPads, iPods & Devices in Education: So can iPads make a difference with achievement?
Reading aided by iPads

In my experience this is what I am finding as well, boys are more likely to read on an iPad rather than a paper book.

A Year of 1-to-1 in Grade One - Powerful Learning Practice
Primary teacher & connected educator Kathy Cassidy summarizes 1st year of one-to-one Apple iPads in her grade one classroom. Great details!
What The iPad Has Done To Education -
As the iPad approaches popularity that’d make The Beatles blush, it’s easy to forget what technology in learning looked like before the little tablet from Cupertino entered our collective pedagogical consciousness. It’s also easy to forget...
In The Netherlands, Schools Are Letting IPads Do The Teaching

interesting insights, but I still believe that iPads are not the whole answer, there still needs to be the balance of choice of the right tool for the job