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It is unusual for people to think of physician until a need arises. Not to mention, getting an appointment from a specialist is an uphill task and the patient has to wait for long hours to consult the doctor. For instance, if a patient is suffering from high grade fever or has fractured the hands due to accident, then waiting in the clinic for long time is impossible. Immediate care is a must and the patient has to be attended immediately in this condition.


Hospitals charge exorbitantly for emergency services and the patient has no other go than accepting the bills and other terms and conditions prescribed by them. However at the same time there are few advantages of choosing emergency services. The physician attends the patient immediately and offer instant relief for ones suffering from fracture or other critical illness.


Emergency health care providers usually provide treatment for almost all types of diseases. First few hours after the accident are considered as the golden hour and providing the right treatment during this time saves the precious life. Phoenix urgent care has all the modern equipments to treat the patients during critical condition.


In addition emergency care hospitals are fitted with all the modern and emergency equipments and this would ensure the patient get all the modern treatment during critical conditions. Emergency services also have team of physicians trained in trauma care. Expertise of these physicians in handling critically ill patient and accident victims ensures the patient receives the best of treatment during emergency. Moreover insurance can be claimed by the patient in an emergency care hospital.


Doctor house call service is another type of service where the physician visits the patients home and offer treatment at their convenience. Equipments available with house call physicians are limited as they cannot carry large instruments to the patient’s home. Few of the important equipments carried by the house call physician include pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, defibrillator, heart monitor, etc.

House call doctor usually charge a very low amount as fees compared with the emergency care service hospital. However a Board Certified Emergency physician will offer excellent care at the comfort of home. By hiring a house call physician the patient would avoid unnecessary expenses spend on travelling to hospital and laboratory. A house call physician will also perform tests like occult stool blood, urine pregnancy, urine analysis, heart rhythm analysis, influenza, etc. The house call doctor provides treatment for various types of diseases like asthma, diarrhea, simple fractures, cysts, back pain, dental pain, sore throat, etc.


House call physician services is best for normal illness, however emergency care is required during accident and other critical condition.


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