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Using Trip Advisor properly to boost your business reputation

Using Trip Advisor properly to boost your business reputation | Resorts and Hotels Operation |

Most people in the leisure and tourism industry will have heard of Trip Advisor. This very popular site provides a portal for user reviews on hotels, restaurants, airlines etc. The usage of review communities such as this one is become much more widespread and it’s very important that business o... ( #travel source

Via Miki Mo
Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 9:23 AM
Trip Advisor is a really powerful tool that the hoteliers should manage it effectively and efficiency. As Tune, Adina and Alto’s general manager said that they usually spend one hour in the morning to check and respond to the reviews in Trip Advisor. The hotels could get more than 21 per cent booking inquiry if they answer the guests’ review. It must be understood that when responding to the guests’ reviews, especially the bad ones, the hotels could show their respect to the past customers as well as the readers who may be going to use the services at that hotel. In addition, the customers could feel they are important and they are treated or will be treated in a good manner. For the hotels, Trip Advisor is an important tool to collect feedbacks in order to improve their services. By doing this, the hotel could improve their weaknesses which could give the customer more experiences in the future. Furthermore, the hotels could also use Trip Advisor to observe what people are saying about their competitors. So, the hotels could also know what people like and do not like about their competitions in order to bring into play their competitor’s good points and promote some points their competitors could not offer.
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Appliance of some simple science to increase hotels online conversion

Appliance of some simple science to increase hotels online conversion | Resorts and Hotels Operation |
Wondering how to increase website revenue for hotels without costly marketing campaigns targeting new customers?

Via Thomas Faltin
Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 8:13 AM
From this article, there are four simple methods which could improve the hotel website revenue. These are relative, arbitrary coherence and free, free, free and restrict options. A manager from Adina recommended that revenue management is important skill because it would help the hotels using resources effectively that could maximize the hotel’s revenue. Therefore, these four methods are substantially important that every hotel and resort managers should know and bear in mind. The strength of these methods is to influence customer spending more money on the product packages. It could significantly improve the hotel’s profit by selling some additional services or products. Applying these methods seems like another way of negotiation. It could give the guests chances to compare prices between other packages. So, they would tend to choose the packages because of their psychology. For those who compete in price, they are really important approaches to show the guests this is the lowest price or the best deal that people just only get at their website. For tourist, they could be forced to make decision because of time restrictions. They also seem these packages as a dealing price or discounting price. As a result, people may think that they have got a good deal and the value they will receive from the hotels is more than their value of money.
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Vienna is home to the first hotel with a zero energy balance

Vienna is home to the first hotel with a zero energy balance | Resorts and Hotels Operation |

Holidaying in Vienna and having nothing on your conscience more serious than a few too many slices of Sachertorte: you can do it if you stay at the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, the world’s first city centre hotel with a zero energy balance certified by the European environmental quality mark.

All the energy the hotel complex requires is generated from renewable energy sources: a geothermal pump, a photovoltaic installation, solar panels and “active thermal slabs”: thermal activation of concrete and, in the near future, wind power. Rainwater is used for the toilets and to water the garden.

Other measures decrease the consumption of the hotel which is divided into two volumes: a renovated existing building and a new expansion built according to the dictates of passive construction with cement cladding...

Via Lauren Moss
Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 8:15 AM
There are many benefits for the hotels running sustainability program such as cost savings, competitive advantages and protecting environment. Consider, Vienna hotel, is the best example for energy savings. Vienna hotel is using energy that is generated from renewable energy sources such as: a geothermal pump, a photovoltaic installation, solar panels and thermal activation of concrete and, in the near future, wind power. Rain water is also used for toilets and water the garden. These renewable energies help them save a lot of money for energy consumption. Therefore, they could gain more profit because the cost of selling a room is substantially decreased. On the other hand, the hotel could have the competitive advantage by running green program. As Alto’s general manager said that “45% of customer choose his hotel because of sustainability”. Instead of investing much money on marketing, he just focuses on the word-of-mouth marketing tool by their green program which results in 95% room rate occupancy for the last four years. However, changing customer habit is also one of the most challenges the hotels have been facing. As to influence their guests, they should use some fun posters which could inspire the customer to join their program and to do the right thing for their society.
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14 Digital Marketing Trends for Hotels in 2014 [Infographic]

14 Digital Marketing Trends for Hotels in 2014 [Infographic] | Resorts and Hotels Operation |
In the travel & hospitality sphere, it’s always insightful to take a closer look at how hotels embrace new technologies and face upcoming challenges.
See on

Via Thomas Faltin
Gilbert Mutwiri Murungi's curator insight, January 8, 2014 1:21 PM
great insight
Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 8:16 AM
In the recently years, with the booming of internet and social media, digital marketing has been becoming an effective and efficient tool for resorts and hotels around the world. It must be understood that people nowadays have quickly changed their habit from booking by person to online or smart-phone booking. They also seek for pre-experiences on website and watching the comments from those who had experienced before. In addition, focus on digital marketing is really important for hoteliers as it could help the hotel advertise in right place, right time and right people. Digital marketing could also give the hotels chances to manage the customer database, provide 24 hour services and keep in touch with their guests in long time. In similar vein, by using digital technology or marketing, the hoteliers can observe their competitors not only to see what they have done in order to keep update with them but also create some creative ideas so as to different themselves with their competitors.
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5 tips to better manage Generation Y

5 tips to better manage Generation Y | Resorts and Hotels Operation |
HotelNewsNow.comdelivers hotel industry news to executives who own, manage, or finance hotels, as well as the hotel managers and employees who oversee the operations of hotels worldwide.

Via Lynn Richardson
Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 9:25 AM
Because generation Y is those who aged from 1979 to 1994, so they are a main source of labour recently and in the near future. Therefore, it is worthwhile for paying attention in order to adapt with them. For one thing, they are those who daily and directly interact with the customers, so their satisfaction is really important which could result in whereas the customers have good experiences or not. For another thing, understanding their habits and trends could improve the effectively and efficiency connections throughout the organization. So, the organization could improve their profits as well as save more operation costs. The turnover rate will be reduced if the hoteliers manage their employees effectively. It must be understood that when somebody want to leave the organization, it could cause the significant cost such as the pre-departure cost, recruitment cost, selection, orientation and training and lost productivity few days before they leave. Lastly, if the hoteliers could understand their employees, they could engage them into their organization environment. So, the employees could be recognized and motivated. Therefore, they would try their best to contribute to the hotels.
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Hotels: What Business Travelers Need and Want

Hotels: What Business Travelers Need and Want | Resorts and Hotels Operation |

Business travelers often expect different services and facilities in hotels when compared to leisure guests. A recent survey – Facilities in the Business Apartments – of more than 150 regular guests at Apart Hotel Residenz Am Deutschen in Berlin specifies the details. 
Fitness and relaxation after work, daily assistance and office-like technical equipment are in high demand for business travelers. Guests tend to sit around all day at appointments and then quickly go to eat unhealthy snacks during their breaks. Everyday life of most business travelers often proves to be hectic. However in order to stay fit many hotel guests want to have home training equipment in their rooms. 
According to Apart Hotel survey, 64 percent of people picked fitness device as the first choice of necessities; then quality ergometers followed. Relaxation after a hard day must not be neglected too. 
Visitors also requested an additional TV, other than the one in the living room and an Apple TV. Those requirements make it clear that some business travelers prefer to relax in the evening and some prefer to consume news in the morning.

Via Roland Schegg
Cédric VANDERVAEREN's curator insight, September 9, 2014 12:04 PM

Good to know...

Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 8:18 AM
Satisfy customer needs and wants is a key principle of marketing. Therefore, it is really important for those who want to at least survive in the competitive environment nowadays. In order to attract and satisfy the business segmentation, there are 10 most important items the hoteliers should pay attention to such as: home training equipment (64%), Helpful servant (49%), Coffee machine (47%), Whiteboard (22%), Iron (17%), etc. Although these are some small furniture, they could improve the experiences of the business travellers. They also could make the hotel standing out in the massive market. In addition, these items could be used for advertising in order to attract more customers. Because business travellers have higher salary, so the hotels could charge them a little bit higher price due to the full furnished of their hotels that could help the hotels maximize their profits. Having these facilities, the business travellers could have good experiences and can be satisfied. Therefore, they could come back and repeat purchases. In addition, they also have a feel of fair enough for the amount of money they paid for the hotels.
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Google Launches Feature to Find Hotels by Travel Time, Landmarks

Google Launches Feature to Find Hotels by Travel Time, Landmarks | Resorts and Hotels Operation |
Google has unveiled a new feature for its "Hotel Finder" tool, allowing travelers to look for lodging near popular landmarks.

Via Efraim Silver
Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 8:15 AM
Google hotel finder is a great application for those who want to find out more information about the destinations they are coming or they are going to come in near future. With many options for choosing price, people could narrow their option to suit their budget. The combination of choosing how much time you want to travel and which transport you prefer and Google map, people could make a good plan for their travel. Using this application, the travellers could also decide where is the best place to stay based on the distances between attractions they want to visit. On the other hand, there are many comments below the hotel advertising, so people could have a broad picture about the hotels, to make sure they have a good decision which deserves their value of money. For the hoteliers’ point of view, this application is an effective and efficient way to marketing their hotels and manages the customer feedback. They could also use this as an improvement tool to make their hotels better in the future. They could also compare their hotel’s price to other’s to make sure the price is good enough for people choosing. Lastly, they should manage this application every day in order to maintain their profits and keep update with the competitors.
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Beautiful, Futuristic Hotel Designed To Cope With Rising Sea Levels

Beautiful, Futuristic Hotel Designed To Cope With Rising Sea Levels | Resorts and Hotels Operation |

The Maldives may be swallowed up by rising sea levels in the future, but the architects at Deep Ocean Technology will build an underwater hotel to house its inhabitants. 

Called ‘The Water Discus’, this futuristic hotel has two circular discs which will house its 22 rooms, along with a restaurant, spas and lounges. 
The structure above ground will be connected to the structure below via a staircase and an elevator, where a bar and a diving center will also be located. 

Via Lauren Moss
Jourdan Sumithio's curator insight, August 13, 2014 1:58 AM

What an awesome idea of giving tourists/travellers an unforgettable experience as they never experienced before. Great concept, design, and ideas for this hotel, however they may need to add up the capacity in the following future to add up more than 22 rooms. Overall the facilities they offered to tourists/customers are simply great, which allow people to enjoy the view around hotel as it's located at beautiful Maldives area. Maldives is well known as a dream destination place and a must visit at least once in life. By showing this brilliant and promising idea is a greater way to attracts more people to support and visit this hotel. However a reasonable price and good service are needed to keep the hotel's reputation rising in a further future.

Phuong Nguyen's curator insight, September 16, 2014 2:19 AM

This hotel is designed to cope with rising sea levels in Maldives. The concept of the hotel is very original compares to other underwater hotels. Based on the beautiful images, I believe in the future, this hotel will attract a lot of leisure guests who want to come for new experiments. This hotel is very suitable for adventurous people who want to organise a party or conference under water. However the owner of the hotel should carefully consider the impact of this hotel on the sustainability of the ocean and the safety of the construction.

Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 9:18 AM
It is great for building undersea hotels. It is a really creative idea for giving the visitors the pretty new experiences and beautiful views. In addition, there are many activities for people such as having a wedding under the beach, swimming at the early morning or watching the sea creatures. People could also have a great sleep because of its peaceful and quiet. For the facilities, the number of rooms should be improved due to the over demand. In addition, the undersea hotels could cause the pollution for the sea environment and threating the habitant of sea creatures. Therefore, they have to have a plan to protect the environment and sea creatures. On the other hand, there are many risks for staying under sea. As some nature disasters like tsunami, storm or some hit of big creatures like shark, people could get disturb and afraid. So, they should have an alarm, for example, to ring if there is a tsunami coming or having some nets to stop the big creatures far away. Lastly, glass cleaning is really important. As people staying, they do not want to see some moss stick in the glasses. Therefore, the hoteliers should be awareness in order to use some special glasses or have a way protect the wall.