Using SignalR and ASP.NET MVC’s Hot Towel SPA template to create an Online Collaboration application | Hot Towel with SignalR |

SignalR started off as an OSS side project by Damien Edwards and David Fowler at Microsoft but soon it snowballed into a popular abstraction for persistent connections in .NET. With the release of Visual Studio Web Update 2012.2, SignalR was formally rolled into a part of ASP.NET and is now an open source component that is fully supported by Microsoft.In the past, we have explored interesting ways to use SignalR here on DotNetCurry. Our first SignalR post demonstrated how to use SignalR with the excellent Diff-Patch-Match library by Neil Fraser and build a collaborative ‘Review’ functionality where two people or more people can review the same post and view changes made by each other, in real time.With the release of Windows 8 and Office 2013 came One Note that had similar real-time ‘review’ functionality.

Via William delmas