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Shortly after your IPO last spring, acquired ExactTarget. What’s your view of the marketing automation landscape as it stands today?

We’re a marketing-first company. To us, marketing-first means a lot of different things, but it mostly means we think about marketing all day long. Marketing-first means you don’t have your CRM system first and then you think about adding in some marketing. Marketing isn’t subservient to sales.


Marketing automation is no longer confined to email. How are solutions architected today to account for multi-channel?

If you think about what marketing automation should be, there are a couple of key pieces. The first is building the marketing database of record, so we’ll sync contact information from CRM, but we’ll augment that with all of this rich behavioral data – what emails are you opening and clicking, what Web pages are you visiting. The first piece of where that’s all going is [bringing] in more types of information to build that rich behavioral database.


We added social functionality two years ago, so now we can augment our view with, ‘What content do you share?’ And I think mobile devices are an incredible source of context because you know where somebody is.



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