There are a number of features in that help DreamHost to stay unique while compared with other hosting providers. Despite the fact that reliability and high performance are notable trademarks of all DreamHost companies, web-based professionals, particularly newbies, have an inclination to choose shared hosting instead of others. Since most newbies in net world are not able to own a fully-fledged dedicated server or a VPS, a noticeable majority always prefer shared internet hosting to others. All time customer support, ability to install a number of popular web-based platforms and CMSs, ultra-simple user interface of control panel, DreamHost coupons that can avail you good discount, etc. are exclusive features of DreamHost shared hosting.


There is no difference in the case of trustworthiness or performance of DreamHost servers even when you go for other kinds of services such as VPS, dedicated servers or reseller hosting. You can grab support from DreamHost through different method when you confront any issues while managing servers. By optimizing all its virtual private servers for running WordPress in it, DreamHost lets you forget about people issues while trying to install WordPress CMS in your internet server. The same case is applicable for dedicated servers as well. Apart from these, DreamHost offers a public cloud hosting support as well. DreamHost has tried its ideal to optimize the public cloud provider in a way such that users can take advantage of cloud computing technologies and their applications in maximum level.


In addition, if you are looking forward to run a WordPress site or blog on DreamHost solutions, you can go with DreamPress plan of DreamHost. When considering the security, performance and in-depth support for WordPress CMS offered by DreamPress, increased price range of this plan is justifiable.


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