Heavy Hooves: Farrier Work Transformed with Tony Golding's Artistic Vision | Fran Jurga's Hoof Blog | Hoofcare and Lameness | Scoop.it
British photographer Tony Golding zooms in on English farriers at a competition as they shoe heavy horses. Horseshoes, nails, tools, hands in crisp high definition slide show to lilting jazz piano riffs.

@hoofcarejournal wrote: No words are needed for this video, and none were supplied. This is the work of one of my favorite British photographers, Tony Golding, who normally is photographing British heavy horses in all their glory.

But this time he turned to the bottom of those same horses' feet and zoomed in on the hands of the farriers at a shoeing contest at one of the big shows in England. He got very close and followed a couple of the contestants through to nailing on.

Thanks, Tony!

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