Cast iron Cookware | home is were the heart it is |

Cookware is very important to me. I have certain pots and pans that I use for specific things. For example, I have a plain steel pan that I always use to make queso dip in. I always cook eggs in the same non-stick skillet. Beans always go in the same pot. My cast-iron is no different.

I have two identical small cast-iron skillets. One of them is almost exclusively used to sauté mushrooms and onions. The other is used to make fried vegetables. My large skillet is the most versatile; I cook all kinds of meats in it as well as cornbread. My absolute favorite thing to cook in that skillet is bacon (and then gravy when the bacon is done).

I was always taught that you don’t use soap on your cast iron cookware. I rinse and scrub and rinse and scrub with hot water and steel wool. Then, I set it on the stovetop and get it hot to evaporate the water, and then wipe the inside down with some type of oil or fat until it shines.

I need more cast iron in my kitchen. I love the way that it heats up so uniformly, and the heavy solid feel of it can’t be beaten. I have never hit someone with one of my pans, but I have to think that it’s probably one of the best things to hit a person with as well.