Some of the Eeriest Home Decoration Ideas for Halloween | Home Improvement |

The spooky festival of Halloween is just round the corner and the year long wait is about to end. This is the perfect time to transform your abode into a haunted home with perfect Halloween ambiance that is enough to make anyone tremble with fear. You can welcome ghosts, ravens, spiders and witches to you home through some really terrifying home decoration ideas.

Halloween Only Home Decoration:

Some of the most frightening and ghastly home decoration ideas for Halloween are discussed below.

Spooky Still Life:

You can simply make some ordinary and useless objects little creepier by painting them with black colors. Find a twisted and gnarled tree branch and paint it black. Let the branch to dry up and then insert it in a pot or urn. Finally, place some dark bolts on the branches and they will become scary for scary wolfs.

Ghastly Staircase:

Another horrific idea to prepare your home for Halloween is to make the staircase more ghoulish. You can select images of skeletons from medical text books and after printing photos on canvas, you can hang scary looking artwork from curtain rods attached to the staircase walls.

A Ghostly Gathering:

You can also use creepy gourds to decorate your home door in ghostly fashion. This is a perfect eye-catching arrangement as white objects are automatically highlighted in the night. Give the apparitions spirited look by using black paint. Similarly, you can dangle the phantoms from porch rafters, tree branches and dormant vines. Finally, adorn you entry with abandoned paper waste nests, dried bittersweet and a painted twig wreath.

Creepy Nocturnal Creatures:

Both flying and footed creepy crawlies of Halloween can cause anyone to shriek in fright. Take white pumpkins and spray them with a sealer. Then transfer the beastie outlines to the pumpkins by using cardstock patterns. Place the scary gourd on the black tray after filling the outlines with black spray paint. Finally, you can heighten the horror by sticking bats cut from cardstock and equipped with wire stems to the pumpkins. 

Spooky Cages:

You can also utilize the common birdcages found in every other house to create macabre of ambiance in your home especially for Halloween. Furthermore, you can set the chilling and frightening scene by placing twigs, gourds, dried moss as well as fake bats, bugs and of course spider webs around the birdcage.

Haunted Photo Gallery:

This is perhaps the easiest of home decoration idea for Halloween to implement. You just need to replace usual framed pictures with terror invoking Halloween portraits. You can easily make these portraits by giving a good dose of horror to basic crafting supplies. Similarly, you can also swap your canvas prints with spooky ones to make a horrific art canvas prints gallery (click here).


Halloween is a special occasion that comes only once in a year. Therefore, you need to decorate your home in such a way that you can welcome this mysterious festival in best manner possible. In this regard, above mentioned home décor tips will definitely help you a lot.