The Art of Pi:  A Colorful Data Visualization | hobbitlibrarianscoops |

Using Circos, a circular visualization software, Cristian Ilies Vasile and Martin Krzywinski created these vibrant representations of π, φ and e.

Cristian Ilies Vasile had the idea of connecting each digit of π to its successive digit with links to the position of the numerically corresponding segments. Martin Krzywinski added to Vasile’s visualization “by showing the transition probabilities for each digit across bins of 10 digits” and did this for φ and e as well for the first 1,000 digits, followed by the first 2,000 digits.

Next, Krzywinski created a lovely distribution plot of the numbers using red-yellow-blue Brewer palette to map their digits and plot them on an Archimedean spiral.

For more details of the project, check out Martin Krzywinski’s website.

Via Lauren Moss