Patras | Photographer: Enri Canaj | Hitchhiker |

In the port city of Patras, there are hundreds of immigrants who were deliberately denied the slightest assistance (housing, food, medical care, freedom of movement) -even those that have already been legally recognized as refugees.

Most of them have fled conflicts in Darfur, Afghanistan and Syria, and when they saw the squalid living conditions in Greece, they tried to continue their journey to other countries of the European Union, risking their lives again.


Trucks transporting goods between Italy and Greece are the only way to access the ferry linking the two sides. The increasing militarization of Greek ports forces immigrants and asylum seekers to improvise the most unlikely and risky maneuvers in order to hide in the basement of a truck.

These people have left their countries thinking that Greece would be a short station in their trip to Italy, France or Germany. But, six years have gone and they still remain in Patras, living all together in an abandoned factory next to the port... - Enri Canaj

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