A Place To Be | Photographer: Marcus Reichmann | Hitchhiker | Scoop.it

Juli, Ivo, little Karla and baby Marla are a normal family. But they live in a place where statistics would never usually place them: four years ago, the family moved to the country and settled down on an old, dilapidated farm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the eastern German state which is currently suffering the most from the departure of young, educated people. 

However, the family has not made a dogma of their alternative way of living. They are neither organic farmers nor hippies, yet their new surroundings have changed their lives in that things have been decelerated. Marcus Reichmann, a photography student from Hannover, accompanied them on their quest for personal happiness. The result is a portrait of a normal young family – or a family that is anything but normal.

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