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History Ideas
This a collection of ideas for teaching many units in history.
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Teaching Kids to Curate Content Collections [ACTIVITY] - The Tempered Radical

Teaching Kids to Curate Content Collections [ACTIVITY] - The Tempered Radical | History Ideas | Scoop.it

While there are a ton of essential skills that today's students need in order to succeed in tomorrow's world, learning to efficiently manage -- and to evaluate the reliability of -- the information that they stumble across online HAS to land somewhere near the top of the "Muy Importante" list.

Which is why I had a few of my students experimenting with Scoop.it this week:
Specifically, they put together this collection of resources spotlighting the range of perspectives people have on New York City's decision to ban the sale of sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces.

Designed to give users the chance to create curated collections of resources on topics that they are interested in, Scoop.it is a wicked mashup of digital goodness - part feed reader, part blogging tool, and part social bookmarking service.
Basically, Scoop.it can become a one-stop shop for (1). teaching kids to search, (2). giving kids chances to manage information, to evaluate sources and to build collections and (3). allowing kids to easily publish content on topics that they care about.

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#curation as an educational process ...

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Kids managing and determining the reliability of information Yay!

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A importancia da curadoria no ensino

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A ThingLink Toolkit for Teachers

A ThingLink Toolkit for Teachers | History Ideas | Scoop.it

Susan Oxnevad: I am excited to share a Teacher Toolkit of Resources for using ThingLink for teaching and learning.

The wiki includes:


- Several samples of Common Core aligned projects by grade level.

- A collection of quick video tutorials to demonstrate how to use ThingLink. The tutorials can be used with students to provide tech support right when needed.

- Resources for creating original artwork to be used with a ThingLink image.

- A help button for support from a real teacher.

- An opportunity for sharing.

- A brand new blog for sending updates. Sign up!


Read more:



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Stanford History Education Group

Stanford History Education Group | History Ideas | Scoop.it

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The Stanford History Education Group has amassed some great resources for social studies teachers.  Their chief resources is a program called Reading Like a Historian.  The program has 71 stand-alone lessons for U.S. History organized within 11 units. These lessons span colonial to Cold War America and cover a range of political, social, economic, and cultural topics. They are continuing to expand the Reading Like a Historian program to World History.  Currently there are 15 lessons from across the world history sequence with more lesson plans under development that will be released in the next few months.

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Des plans de cours et des documents sur l'histoire des USA et du monde.