The Modern World: Global History since 1760 | History |

Philip Zelikow

University of Virginia


Start: TBA

Humanities and Social Sciences


This is a survey of modern world history, from a global perspective, beginning with the economic and political revolutions of the late 18th century and ending with contemporary conditions.


This course can be essential to students in many fields. A global perspective is indispensable. It is impossible to provide adequate answers to a lot of the big questions about modern history – questions about economic conditions, remarkable beliefs, novel institutions, or terrible wars – without tracing interactions that span regions across the world.


This is a ‘big picture’ course that also uses a ‘zoom lens,’ to bring some places and lives into close-up focus. No formal previous training is required, though you may find yourself reaching for an encyclopedia to recall unfamiliar places and peoples. No matter what background knowledge you bring, this course will force you to reach further. You have to tackle culture, politics, warfare, anthropology, plenty of economics – and that’s just a start. Welcome to the modern world!


Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald