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"Creative industries bring more than a feel good factor. They bring hard cash and jobs to any country that nurtures this sector."


Creatives often express an antipathy towards making commercial profit and their business skills can be limited – so policy makers and investors write them off as unpredictable and difficult to control, but this is stereotyping that is inhibiting growth!


The separation of creative and management processes is counterproductive ...ensuring the appropriate development of them/into marketable commodities is in short supply.



“Creative content sectors …are more likely to have their finance applications rejected by finance providers than non CIBs with similar risk profiles” but the evidence shows that creative SMEs have greater longevity than the industry average and, over the long term, deliver better returns."


…Within the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) sector, the functions of business management and creativity converge in a way that they don’t in other industries.

The separation of creative and management processes is counterproductive and the management of creatives and creative/cultural content in ensuring the appropriate manipulation and development of them/that content into marketable commodities is in short supply.

So there is a perceived risk in management and marketing – which is not backed up by the reality, as these figures show:

The average survival rates of CCIs after 5 years compared to all business
CCIs 49.7%    All UK businesses 46.9%

And for high growth firms it is even more impressive
CCIs 7.5%    All UK businesses 6%

What are creative and cultural industries? >>  @elebelfiore :  http://t.co/zR41O1qv)


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