Offers Replacement To Corporate Intranet And Moves Farther From CRM Roots | TechCrunch | high-tech marketing |

Digest... is not solely a CRM company anymore. It’s a CRM company that has its sights on owning the enterprise SaaS stack, well beyond its core sales roots. The latest example comes with Salesforce Company Community (SCC), its social and mobile replacement for the corporate Intranet.


SCC is designed around Chatter, the activity stream technology that without question is becoming Salesforce’s brand and model for its new and emerging services. My guess: expect CEO Marc Benioff to continue touting Chatter as representing the future of the Salesforce user interface as he proclaimed in Boston earlier this year.


SCC is a social product. But it needs more on its bones. Furthermore, it is not going to be available until the second half of 2013, making it still only a concept for the company’s customers and the rest of us to imagine and theorize what it is. But the Chatter theme is interesting and may be enough to make a difference for people who want an experience that comes with modern services.

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