Corporate culture changes only when people change | High performance |
Only when leaders proactively manage productivity AND citizenship do organizations enjoy a high performance, values-aligned culture.


I’m coaching a senior leader through his company’s culture change. He recently told me, “Man, this culture management is hard work!” We both laughed — and agreed.


It takes time and energy to tend, monitor, and nurture a safe, inspiring work environment in your organization’s divisions and teams.


Safe, inspiring work environments do not happen by chance. Human foibles and temptations, driven by greed and power, can make companies lousy places to work. Only when leaders proactively manage productivity and citizenship do organizations enjoy their desired high performance, values-aligned culture.


Many senior leaders believe that they only have to describe desired outcomes and people will immediately align to them. I call that “managing by announcements.” Leaders state lofty performance expectations or increased quality targets or “values we’ll live by from this day forward” without any explanation of how the organization will make those changes. Without the “hows” and demonstrated senior leader commitment, these targets fall by the wayside quickly.

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