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The BrickGun Book - Fox eBook

The BrickGun Book - Fox eBook | hey | Scoop.it
eBook Free Download: The BrickGun Book | PDF, EPUB | ISBN: 1593274904 | 2013-05-27 | English | PutLocker

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The BrickGun Book: Build the World’s Most Realistic LEGO Handguns

The BrickGun Book shows you how to build five remarkably sleek LEGO® handgun replicas, like the classic Berreta 92FS and a formidable rubber-band-firing MAC-11. Each chapter includes step-by-step building instructions and a complete parts list using only readily available LEGO pieces.

Builder Jeff Boen has designed each model with stunning accuracy and attention to detail, focusing on everything from 1:1 real-life scale to functioning cocking and trigger mechanisms. Each BrickGun is ultra-realistic in look and feel, but mostly harmless—perfect for display or your next backyard battle.

NOTE: Adult supervision is required. These models are not suitable for children under the age of 12.

5 Building Tips from the Introduction

1. Whenever possible, work on a solid, flat surface. Being able to press pieces onto the model using a fair amount of force (without breaking your build) is made significantly easier by working on a sturdy tabletop or counter top.

2. Hang the model off the edge of your work surface.When portions of the model protrude down (such as when the trigger is attached), try to work with the flat, bottom portion of the model on a flat surface and the descending portion hanging off the edge.

3. Use a pencil tip to attach rubber bands.

4. Ensure that pieces are completely and firmly attached. This is important with any LEGO model but especially with BrickGun designs, as the tolerances are very small and we can’t spare any space once we incorporate all the working mechanics. If you leave gaps between pieces, you may find that sections will not fit together properly or move as expected when the model is complete.

5. Connect pieces starting from one end and “lean” them together. Rather than trying to snap two pieces together directly on top of one another, first attach the studs at one end and then press along the length of the pieces until they are securely connected. Contrary to popular belief, LEGO bricks and plates should never “snap” together (only Technic pieces do this); instead they should glide together quietly and smoothly.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. BG22 with Magazine
Chapter 2. 92FS
Chapter 3. Desert Eagle
Chapter 4. 1911
Chapter 5. MAC-11 Rubber Band

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